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Osteopathy for babies

Irregularities during pregnancy, .. whether it's a difficult, a rapid, or a prolonged labor, can sometimes have consequences for the well-being of a baby.

Birth interventions such as vacuum extraction, cesarean section, intense contractions, etc., can cause symptoms.

During childbirth, considerable forces are exerted on the body of the unborn baby. Generally, the mobility of the body and the skull ensures that these forces can be well absorbed.

However, sometimes the baby's body retains certain tensions. An osteopath can gently help the baby's body relax and restore its natural mobility. 

Osteopathie voor baby's Amsterdam - Osteopathie Herengracht


Indications for treatment

• Excessive crying, restlessness, tense body 

• Problems sleeping, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep/short naps

• Constipation, excessive cramps, reflux symptoms 

• Preferred position, an uneven body posture, asymmetry, a flat head

• ENT (ear/nose/throat) issues

• Gross and fine motor problems (stiffness, clumsiness)