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Osteopathy for Children

In toddlers or older children, tissues in the body can also lose their natural mobility. For example, after a fall, following an acute or chronic stressor, after surgery, after birth, or after an illness, the little body may retain tension(s).

During growth, a child undergoes important developmental stages. An osteopath can identify potential blockages, misalignments, or developmental issues that may hinder physical growth or affect the cognitive and mental development of the child.

Approaching children differs from adults. A child's body is still growing, and the bones are still ossifying. The osteopath treats the child's body very gently.

Osteopathie voor kinderen Amsterdam - Osteopathie Herengracht

Indications for treatment 

• Concentration problems
• Excessive anger, aggressiveness
• Sleeping problems (difficulty falling asleep, waking a lot during the night)
• Toilet training (bedwetting, daytime urination)
• Abdominal discomfort (abdominal pain, constipation)
• Headaches
• Motor difficulties
• Joint complaints, back, and neck problems
• ENT symptoms (Ear, Nose, and Throat symptoms)
• Guidance during orthodontic corrections such as wearing braces
• ADHD, ADD, PDD-nos, dyslexia, and dyscalculia are conditions that the osteopath can support and alleviate.