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Osteopathy for Adults

Throughout our entire lives, the body is exposed to changing circumstances. 

Both internally and externally, the dynamic balance of the body can be disrupted. Often, the body heals on its own. However, sometimes the disruption is strong or persists for a long time, to the extent that the body is no longer able to fully recover on its own. This can be caused by excessive strain, injuries, a fall or accident, scars from surgery, or prolonged/intense periods of stress.

The result may be reduced tissue mobility leading to the development of symptoms. By promoting mobility, the body is enabled to heal itself, returning to a healthy and symptom-free state. 

An osteopath is trained to examine various body systems for movement restrictions and seeks solutions for your symptoms. 

You can visit an osteopath for the treatment of various complaints. Below are some common complaints for which treatment is possible. 

Osteopathie voor volwassenen Amsterdam - Osteopathie Herengracht
Musculoskeletal complaints
• Low back pain
• Pelvic complaints
• Neck pain
• Knee, ankle, and hip complaints
• Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand complaints
• Post-traumatic recovery (concussion, PCS, whiplash, severe sprain)
Complaints regarding organs

• Abdominal pain

• Irregular bowel movements

• Stomach and esophagus issues: acid reflux, gastritis, esophageal spasms

• Bladder complaints, chronic bladder infections

• Respiratory issues such as breathlessness, hyperventilation, or recovery after pneumonia

• Palpitations, high or low blood pressure

• Fertiliteit

Cranial Complaints

• Headaches, concussion, whiplash

• Nerve pain and facial pain

• Ear, Nose, and Throat issues (chronic sinusitis, throat and swallowing problems, dizziness, tinnitus)

• Jaw joint pain/mobility

Symptoms in Women

• Menstrual issues