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Osteopathy in pregnant women
The health of a mother is crucial for the proper development of the fetus.
The mother's energy, her mobility, a healthy eating pattern, and sufficient rest form the foundation for an optimal environment for the unborn child.
Osteopathie voor zwangere vrouwen Amsterdam - Osteopathie Herengracht
During pregnancy

During pregnancy, the uterus grows from 5 centimeters to approximately 30 centimeters, requiring significant adjustments of the organs (intestines, bladder, stomach, diaphragm), the pelvis, and the spine.

An osteopath can guide the pregnancy, ensuring that the body remains in good condition, soothes pain and complaints, and prepared for childbirth.

Indications for treatment

• Pelvic and ligament pain • Coccyx (tailbone) complaints • Back pain, sciatica • Shortness of breath • Constipation • Neck and headaches

After childbirth

During childbirth, the pelvis undergoes various movements to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. After the baby is born, a misalignment may persist in the pelvis. An osteopath can address this.

Following childbirth, the mother's connective tissue remains more pliable due to hormonal changes. Osteopathy can alleviate symptoms through gentle techniques, such as those used for pelvic instability and radiating pains.

Extra care after delivery

• Scar treatment for cesarean section (from 8-12 weeks postpartum)